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...not simply what fits. Tired of relentlessly seeking quality, fashion forward pieces and coming up short, we opened the doors to Harlow and James, a place where women of size can find clothing they love and feel safe, valued, and beautiful.

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We Get It...
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We (Kelly and Brenda here!) have both had a lifelong love/hate relationship with our bodies. Moments of true confidence and devastating insecurity. Mood-boosting compliments from strangers and throwaway comments from friends that cut deep. Reveling in the perfect dress emphasizing our curves in all the right places and wiping a tear at a zipper that simply won't budge. We've felt it all.


Those complicated relationships with our bodies have spilled over into a complicated relationship with clothing, especially after a few years of global volatility. What fit last year doesn't fit any more. Styles have shifted. The stores that used to carry our sizes have closed up shop.

We're left behind like a buoy with no anchor, floating aimlessly in the fashion world, discarded and forced to purchase what "fits", not what we love or what flatters.

We are beautiful. We are strong. We are capable and amazing humans and we have grown to LOVE our bodies. We are

two stylish proud plus-sized women who understand the

struggle so many women face with finding clothing made

specifically for them.

That's why we created Harlow and James.

We wanted a boutique with variety, actual choices that allowed you to select the pieces you loved, not what comes in your size. We wanted dressing rooms with fans and large enough chairs to sit down. We wanted to be able to shop online and know the items delivered to our door would fit. We wanted a personalized experience with women who *just get it.*

So we built it.

We try on every single item we sell in our boutique so we can tell you exactly how it fits before you buy. We encourage our customers to tell us the items they would like to see in our store and give us feedback on the items purchased. We are happy to help you find the styles that flatter you specifically and ensure you have a fashionable wardrobe for all occasions.

Let us help you kick the love/hate relationship with your body and clothing to the side and create the LOVE relationship that you deserve.




Let's Connect

Visit our Facebook Page or Instagram to keep up to date with the latest arrivals, shopping events and updates.


Iowa local? Join our Private Facebook Group to connect with like-minded fashionistas who are ready to embrace their body. We're in this group every week, sharing sneak peeks on inventory before it hits the store (you can get first dibs!), details about our Pop Up events, flash sales, and even exclusive group-member-only discounts!


Use this space to tell us what you need and what you want to see in our store. We are here for you!

Rumor Has It

“OMG, I got my latest shipment today from Harlow and James! You guys are rocking it out of the park and my clothes are even more beautiful in person than they are in the photos!”

“Customer Service was top notch! I let them know what I was looking for and they found the perfect product for me!”

“​Love Harlow and James! The selection of clothes is spot on. Boutique clothes at affordable prices. I love that I can get nice clothes without breaking the pocketbook! You ladies rock!”

“​When most of the plus sized stores in my town closed, Harlow and James was there with a great selection of fashion! The floral print lantern sleeve dress was perfect for the art opening I was attending!”
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417 Maple Street, West Des Moines, IA 50265

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Upcoming Events

  • Join us LIVE every Thursday night at 7:30 on Facebook!

  • Curvy model search is underway!

  • Book your private party today!  Enjoy desserts and refreshments while you and your friends enjoy a boutique experience! 

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